Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Achronya is a real time multiplayer strategy game available on iOS & Android


Achronya is a free real-time multiplayer strategy game (RTS) featuring fighters lost in time.

Prepare your strategy and destroy enemy bases to defeat your opponents in the arena of time and win timeless glory. Play with your friends, create custom games.

[Customizable deck !]
Choose your base, your infantry and your support troops to form the best army.
Increase and improve your army by unlocking new ranks.
Define your strategy to annihilate the enemy!
Re-think your strategy throughout the battle.

[Strategy with friends !]
Play with your friends.
Create custom games.
Refer your friends and win prizes.
Fool your friends with surprising strategies.

[Exciting strategic battles !]
Move your Achronians during the battle and change their destination at any time.
Adapt your strategy during the battle.
No chests to buy, no random.
Order the retreat of wounded soldiers to the base.
Destroy your opponents' wells to cut off their sources of resources.
Control the infinity well by capturing the pillars to generate even more resources.
Open time portals and invoke your Achronians.